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5045 Pair of Engraved Ships Decanters

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These are not exactly 'reproduction' ships decanters because antique ones like this do not exist, but they are nevertheless interesting and fun pieces.

The conical bodies are step-cut throughout their height and they have star-cut bases.  They have two cut neck rings and star-cut mushroom stoppers.  On the side of each is a large oval panel wheel-engraved with a three-mast sailing ship in the 'antique' style in a choppy sea.  On one decanter is an inscription beneath the ship reading 'OUTWARD BOUND' while the other is engraved 'HOMEWARD BOUND'.  The model for these appeared in a catalogue of Hill-Oustens in the 1930s, but they may hae made them earlier or later.

These differ from antique decanters in several respects.  First antiqe examples seldom, if ever have mushroom stoppers (they would roll off a table!).  Second, the neck rings were blown into the glass and can be felt from the inside if a finger is inserted in the neck; this was not the way decanters were made before about 1900.  Finally, the glass has a very slightly yellowish hue when compared with antique glass,  On their own the hue might not be noticed but seen side-to-side with an antique, it becomes very apparent.

Despite my somewhat disparaging remarks, these are excellent decanters of their kind and would work well.

Date: c.1900 - 1920

Dimensions: 9.4", 24 cm. high incl. stoppers

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