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5065 A Fine Quality Large Goblet

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This is a very high quality and large goblet, quite clearly made for the Scottish market. The bucket-shaped bowl has a finely matted broad band about its middle wheel engraved and polished with a running series of flowering thistles alternating with thistle foliage. The lower section of the bowl is cut with another band of broad and narrow flutes, and the bowl rests on a double spool short stem and thick flat foot.

The precise use to which large goblets like this were originally put is uncertain.  This one may have been a small punch bowl for use by just two friends, it might even have been made for someone with a very large capacity to drink a lot of wine or beer. Alternatively it may simply have been made to look at!  Whatever its original purpose, it is a very fine example of a large goblet!

Date: c.1830

Dimensions: 7.9", 20 cm. high 5.2", 13.2 cm. diameter

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