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5069 A Rare Cup Bowl Goblet with Folded Foot.

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This is a very rare example of an antique English drinking glass which is practical in modern usage.

It has a three-quarter spherical bowl resting on a cylindrical stem which encloses a sizeable cylindrical air bubble.  It rests on a conical foot with 'folded' rim.

The size of the glass is suitable for white or red wine and if it were modern, it would be called a 'Paris goblet'.   Cup-bowl glasses used to be called 'mead glasses' but this was a term conjured up by the antiques trade to romanticise their stock in the early 20th century.  Nevertheless they are the only antique glasses with incurving rims which aid the assessment of the 'nose' or bouquet of the wine.

This example  was made using slightly impure glass, and although it is a good clear colour, it does have a few minor 'inclusions' which are only noticeable on close inspection.

Date: c.1750

Dimensions: 5.5", 14 cm high

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