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5084 A Ship's Decanter by Baccarat

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Ship's decanters have been popular since they were first made in the 1770s or '80s.  This is a modern 'take' on the idea by the highly distinguished French company - Baccarat. The top half of the decanter is of standard from being completely plain and sweeping out from the cylindrical neck.  It has a broad rim which acts as a steadier and enabling a good grip to be taken.  The lower half of the body has a band of broad flutes, and the base is diamond point signed 'Baccarat' as well as having the etched 'stamp' of the company.  The doughnut-shaped stopper is similarly signed.

This decanter is in exceptional condition and has obviously had very little use as the base is almost un-scratched.  It is bright and clear with no chips, cracks or other defects, and comes in its original scarlet box!

This seems similar to the 'Œnologie' decanter, but that model does not have the fluting to the lower base.

Date: c.1980

Dimensions: 9.8", 25 cm. high

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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