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5088 A Pair of Shaft & Globe Decanters

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THis is a very good pair of mid-19th century decanters.  The spherical bodies are well-cut with two bands of oval printies (or 'olives' as they were called by glass cutters) and have star-cut bases.  The necks are panel- or slice-cut, and the hollow 'spinning-top' stoppers are hollow and similarly cut.

The shaft & globe shape was very popular from c.1850 for much of the second half of the century.  These are an early manifestation of the form and may date from as early as the mid-century.  Later, the bodies tend to compress and become flattened.

THese are good, prectical decnaters  - very fit for purpose, and they are in excellent condition being bright and clear.  There is one minor chip to the top of one stopper, but it does not reduce the height and is hardly noticeable.

Date: c.1860

Dimensions: 13.7", 34.7 cm. high incl stoppers

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