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5097 An American Silver Roundlet Corkscrew

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This is a standard-size roundlet corkscrew devoid of any decoration.  The barrel is stamped 'STERLING' in small letters near the junction of the two halves..  The steel worm and turned shank are silvered.

Roundlet corkscrews were first made in the 1830s and a patent for them was taken out by in 1855 by William Lund and William Hipkins (his foreman) along with his 'London Rack'.  They coincided with the introduction of pockets in clothes and were designed to have no sharp corners and be easily 'pocketable'.

Date: c.1890

Dimensions: 3.4", 8.7 cm long

Weight: 42 grams, 1 oz.7 dwt. (all in)

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