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5104 A Plain Silver Wine Label for CLARET

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Wine labels can be boring, but this one fascinates me!   While it is extremely plain - usually indicating poor quality, at the same time, it is heavy being made from a very solid gauge of sheet silver.  However, this might be expected as Rebeccah Emes and Edward Barnard, the partnership who made it, were the part of a business which started over a century previously and which came to dominate the 19th century as manufacturers of high quality silverware.

Another aspect of this label which is slightly puzzling is the fact that the letters are fretted - but not as evenly as one might reasonably expect from top London workshops. Nevertheless, this less-than-perfect fretwork lends a considerable charm which might otherwise be lacking and which also complements the lack of decoration.  The fret cuts through the hallmarks but each mark is still clearly legible.

Finally, it does have a very high quality belcher chain to suspend it around a decanter. It is not the heaviest I have seen, but it comes a close second.

Date: 1825

Dimensions: 1.5", 3.8 cm. wide

Weight: 14 grams

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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