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5105 A Silver Crescent Shape Wine Label for CYDER

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Usually I would not bother with a small lightweight label like this, but it intrigues me!  

First when I saw it initially, it was described as being re-titled CYDER - presumably over another name.   However, I am sure it has not been; one letter - the 'Y' was originally engraved 'E', the E was filled and the Y engraved over it.  However, the remaining letters are all original.   As anyone who has done calligraphy will confirm, it is all too easy to engrave or write an incorrect letter, and I am sure this is what has happened here.

Second, the maker's mark at first eluded me.  The only maker with the initials FS in the index of the 'bible' of wine label collecting is Francis Solomon (also spelt Sollomon) of Newcastle. However, the cartouche which surround his initials is shaped, while the label has a rectangular punch struck very clearly. 

After much thinking and discussion with David Buck, I am confident that this label was made by Frances Stamp.  While her name is not in the index, her husband's is, and she succeeded in his business after his death in April 1780 - just the right date for this. Grimwade writes that she "appears to have carried on probably only for winding up or selling the business, which was subsequently succeeded at the same address by Sutton & Bult and later Godbehere, Wigan & Bult."  Godbehere and Wigan are know to have made wine labels.

Date: c.1780

Dimensions: 1.5", 3.8 cm. wide

Weight: 8 grams, 4 dwt.

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