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5110 A Rare Cast Oval Wine LAbel for CURACAO

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This is a delightful and rare wine label for Curaçao - rare not only because the name is very seldom seen, but also because of the cedilla accent.   It is probable that the man who actually fretted out the name had never come across accents because Englsih has none, so it is not surprising that it looks more than slightly exaggerated!

The label was made by the prolific label makers Charles Reily and George Storer in 1828.  It is a small lable but very substantially made being cast - not die-stamped - and its oval shape is embellished with a bold edge band of fruiting vine.

Date: 1828

Dimensions: 1.4", 3.5 cm. wide

Weight: 13 grams, 8 dwt.

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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