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5112 A Good Quality Oblong Label for AMONTILLADO

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Charles Reily and William Storer were experienced, prolific even, wine label makers by 1846 and this is typical of their work - heavy gauge, cast (not die-stamped) and cleanly executed.  The edge has bold gadrooning and the legend 'AMONTILLADO' is precisely pierced.  The chain is original and the marks are well-struck and clear.

Amontllado is a style of Sherry (which itself is a common 18th/19th century wine or bin label) somewhat darker than Fino and was probably first made in the 18th cenntury. although very few silver labels of that time exist (if any).

What adds interest to this label is that Edgar Allan Poe wrote his short story - "A cask of Amontillado" which was published in November 1846 - the year in which this label was made!  One has to wonder whether or not the the making of the label was a reaction to the story, or whether the drink became popular on the UK side of the Atlantic coincidentally at the same time.

Date: 1846

Dimensions: 1.8", 4.5 cm. wide

Weight: 12 grams, 7.5 dwt.

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