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5118 A Fine Silver Wine Funnel

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This is an unusually good wine funnel in that it is in very good condition as well as being of good quality. Most antique silver wine funnels are on less than good condition as they were heavily used by servants.  Commonly, the spout has been dented, torn or worse and subsequently repaired, but this one appears to have escaped such treatment.

The bowl is ovoid and the tapering spout has three ribs to allow air to escape from the decanter as wine is poured. The spout retains its curvature and has not been shortened and the rim is reeded. The detachable bowl also has a reeded rim , the coarse filter is geometrically pierced and it has an octagonal tang.  The inner ring is also reeded, but as is usual, it is not hallmarked.

The maker's mark is that of Stephen Adams - a buckle-maker!   However, this mark is overstriking another which appears to be '?B', so presumably Adams bought in the funnel to sell to one of his customers. Buying in other silversmiths' products was not an uncommon practice in the 18th and early 19th centuries. The overstruck mark is not fully legible, although the second letter -'B' is clear enough.

The funnel is in excellent overall condition as can be seen by the fact that the original engraved crest is pristine.  The funnel is also very 'fit for purpose'.

Please Note :  The 'matt' appearance is because to take the photograph the funnel was chilled to accumulate a non-refective surface.  Without doing this, the reflections would detract from the clarity of the image.

Date: 1801

Dimensions: 6.3", 16.1 cm. long

Weight: 146 grams, 4 oz, 14 dwt.

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