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5121 A Pair of Art Deco Ship's Decanters

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Most ship's decanters of the early 20th century were copies, more or less, of models in current fashion a hundred years previously.  It even appears that some were made to deceive!  These don't.  They are a highly indiviualistic design with only a hint of acknowledgement to ealrier models - the low single neck ring which was popular in the 1830s.

The dodecagonal (they have twelve sides) decanters have almost hemispherical bodies above star-cut bases,  The bodies are panel-cut as are the necks with basal rings.  The decanters have panel-cut mushroom stoppers and sharply everted rims.

These decanters are in excellent condition - although one of them has been restored.  However the restoration is so good that it is very difficult to see where it has been done.  As a pair of decanters, they are wonderfully fit for purpose.

Date: c.1920

Dimensions: 8.3", 21.2 cm high incl. stoppers

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