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5127 A Fine Silver Wine Funnel

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Although this wine funnel is quite small, it is nevertheless, quite sufficient for decanting a full bottle of wine.  It is distinctly better than average quality and feels 'solid' in the hand.  The hemispherical bowl leads to a tapered spout with long curvature, and with three ribs to allow the escape of air from the decanter.

The bowl has a crisp and bold gadrooned edge and it fitted with a shell tang.  It is geometrically pierced, which was standard practice at this date.

Overall the funnel is in excellent condition with no signs of any repairs or restoration.  It is very fit for purpose.

Please Note :  The 'matt' appearance is because to take the photograph the funnel was chilled to accumulate a non-refective surface.  Without doing this, the reflections would detract from the clarity of the image.

Date: 1825

Dimensions: 4.9", 12.5 cm. high

Weight: 122 grams, 3 oz. 19 dwt.

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