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5128 An Unusual Magnum 'Nailsea' Carafe

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This is a very jolly and unusual carafe in the Georgian shape.  'Splashed' glass of this general type has often been associated with the glasshouse at Nailsea, just south of Bristol, but there has been much discussion about where it was actually made.  In some respects it is not unlike the productions of Alloa in Scotland, but Nailsea is probably the front runner.

The carafe has a rough pontil mark and the rim is 'turned over' with a string ring applied just below it.  The entire bottle is of clear glass splashed with opaque white, pink and blue and the neck has been twisted giving a spiral effect, with the splashes becoming smaller and elongated.  It is better seen in the illustration than my trying to describe it further!

Date: c.1845

Dimensions: 13.4", 34 cm. high.

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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