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5133 A Silver Wine Funnel by Solomon Hougham

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This is a silver funnel of typical design for its date with an ovoid section tapering to the spout.  The spout is unsually complete and undamaged, and the base of the bowl has three wire ribs to allow the escape of air when wine is poured into the decanter.  The interior coarse stainer has a reeded edge, a pear shaped tang and a geometrically pierced filter.  It is fitted with a ring for the attachment of a fine muslin, and this ring is, unusually, marked with a lion rampant, indicating it has been tested to be sterling standard silver.

In common with most funnels of this date and style, the hallmarks on this example are not wonderful, having been, presumably, partially removed when it was made.  However all the hallmarks and the maker's mark are legible, there being a complete set of 5 marks on the outer, and 3 on the inner section.  Both parts are engraved with a monogram - RHMH.

This is a good practical funnel of solid weight and in good condition.   There are minor dinks commensurate with its age, and if required, we can have these removed.

Date: 1817

Dimensions: 5.5", 14 cm long

Weight: 130 grams, 4 oz, 3.6 dwt.

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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