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5135 A Pair of Tall Green Decanters

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This is a lovely pair of slightly unusual decanters - unusual for two reasons.  First, they are marginally smaller than full-bottle size - idea for use when comparing, say, two half-bottles of Sauternes perhaps.  Second, the shade of green is almost emerald, not the usual blue-green so often seen in antique glass; these are 'yellower' than that and very attractive for it.

The decanters are panel-cut with 12 sides throughout their entire height, except at the very top.  The neck splays asymmetrically and scalloped on the opposite side from the pouring lip.  The decanters are fitted with stoppers which are hollow and facetted with squares and triangles.

Date: c.1850

Dimensions: 13.1", 33.3 cm. high incl. stoppers

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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