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5138 A Fine and Very Rare Cut Ship's Magnum Decanter

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If one antique decanter in a thousand is a ship's decanter, and one decanter in a thousand is a magnum, what does that make a decanter which is both a ship's decanter and a magnum?  Perhaps one in a million - or perhaps that is a little exaggerated - but the point is made.

This truly delightful decanter has a conical body, cut with waved vertical blazes at the base and panel-cut upper section interspersed with incise-cut neck rings.  It has a (replaced) inverted pear-shaped stopper.  So much for the technical bit!  Its appeal lies in the size and clarity of its manufacture, together with the accuracy of the cutting.

A magnum of wine comes only as far as the middle of the lowest area of panel-cutting, allowing the wine plenty of space to breathe.

Date: c.1805

Dimensions: 13.4", 34 cm. high incl. stopper

Weight: 1357 grams

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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