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5139 A Silver Roundlet Corkscrew of 1843

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'Roundlet' corkscrews are not uncommon and have been around for 150+ years, but this is rather special - it is the earliest one I have come across.  If someone knows an earlier one, I will view it with mixed feelings - delight that they were invented earlier, and sadness that this isn't the earliest recorded.  This one was made in 1843 and has the very clear hallmark for London of that date.  Sadly the maker's mark is a lot less than clear, although the initial of the surname is a 'D'.

The corkscrew is typically shaped like a small cigar, and this one is 'engine turned' along its entire length.  It has a reeded wire helix and the shank has a silver collar.

There are no apparent blemishes and despite being 170 years old, it still works well!

Date: 1843

Dimensions: 3.5", 8.9 cm. long

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