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5143 A Rare Pair of White and Purple Overlay Decanters

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Decanters formed of two layers of glass are not very uncommon - neither are they plentiful, but three layers are very seldom seen.  The insides of these decanters are clear glass, over which is a thin layer of purple or 'amethyst' glass, which itself is overlaid with opaque white glass.

The decanters are of tall cylindrical form with tricorn rims and they are fitted with hexagonal spire stoppers.  They are cut so that the lower section of each decanter and the necks are panel-cut to the purple glass leaving narrow vertical strips of white.  The bases are star-cut so that the central area is purple and the outside is white.

Around the middle of each decanter is a broad band of decoration comprising fruiting vines, while the three shades of glass are clearly seen in the stoppers.

With glass-workers moving between Bohemia (today's Czechoslovakia) and England - principally the Midlands, and bringing their techniques with them, it can be difficult to ascribe a place of manufacture with any firm degree of authority.  In this instance, it is probably best to be safe and say that these are 'Anglo-Bohemian'!

Date: c.1845

Dimensions: 14.4", 36.6 cm. high incl. stoppers

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