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5147 A Pair of Plain 'Prussian' Decanters

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These are classically plain Georgian decanters devoid of decoration, but each with three neck rings to give a good grip.  They have 'bull's eye' stoppers which are probably original (it is always impossible to be sure at this date).  There is a very tiny flaw in the glass in one of the decanters which was probably caused during its manufacture when the pontil mark was ground out.  It cannot be seen when the decanter is upright, and does not afftect its use in any way - but the price has been adjusted to reflect this.

This pair of decanters are probably everyone's idea of the perfect Georgian decanter - plain functional and elegant and it is increasingly difficult to find pairs like this; at one time they were often seen in antique shops and at auction - but no longer.  

It is not surprising that when Hugh Johnson our partner and doyen of world's wine writers decided to reproduce decanters when he had a shop in London's fashionable St. James's, that this was the model he had copied.  It is simply the best model of decanter ever prodiced in the eyes of many - including Hugh!

Date: c.1810

Dimensions: 10.5", 26.7 cm high incl. stoppers

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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