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5154 A Plain French Magnum Decanter

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This is a typical magnum decanter from northern France, probably Normandy.  It holds two full wine bottles easily, although it was probably originally made for cider.  Equally typically, it has a single neck ring at the base of the neck and a plain mushroom stopper.

For those who want magnum capacity but not the price of an English Georgian or even Victorian example, this decanter and others like it are the answer.  This example has a stopper which does not fit particularly well, but that is typical of such decanters. There is also a flaw in the neck of the decanter caused by an air bubble when the decanter was blown.

The decanter is in bright condition with only minor scratches commensurate with what one expects with its age.

This decanter is very similr to 5184 and 5184a and priced together for the three they will be £750.00

Date: c.1860 - 80

Dimensions: 13.3", 33.8 cm. high incl. stopper

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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