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5171 A Rare Unmarked Silver Wine Funnel

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I cater for two markets, practical accessories for wine drinkers, and collectors of glass, silver and other antiques.  Much of what I have falls into both categories, and this does just that.   

The shape and form of this funnel is unusual in several ways; it is small being only 4" high, it has no maker's mark or hallmarks, but it is solidly and well made being of heavy gauge silver.  The spout has not been trimmed or repaired, but the most unusual quality is that it is made in one piece and that the seive or filter is integral with the body of the funnel.

Some very early silver wine funnels have a 'bath-plug' filter attached to the body with a chain, and this appears to be emulating that model - but without the chain, and the filter is hard-soldered in place.  The filter is also quite coarsely drilled, but the funnel is also finely engraved with a crest.

The crest (an arm embowed holding a dagger point down) could be one of many families - if the dagger were pointing upwards, but being point-down, we have been unable to pin down the family to which it belongs.  What we can say, however, is that most similar crests are for families either from Ireland or Scotland, and that tallies with the individuality of form and construction.

Date: c.1765

Dimensions: 4", 10 cm. long

Weight: 81 grams, 2 oz, 12 dwt.

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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