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5179 A Fine Large Glass Wine Funnel

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As antique glass wine funnels go, this is about as good as they get!  It is a large example and in fine original condition with only very minor fritting to the curved spout.

Antique glass wine funnels are quite rare, although as specialists, we do have more than our fair share.  A wien funnel differs from other funnels, used for culinary, medical or other purposes, in having a curved or cranked spout to send the wine down the wall of the decanter.  Generally it will have a larger bore, too.

Dating glass wine funnels is done by comparison with the bowl shape of wine glasses which they closely resemble.  It is easy to imagine this funnel inverted and having the spout replaced by a plain, twist or facetted stem.

Silver wine funnels, which can be accurately dated from their hallmarks, first appeared in the 1760s and it is distinctly possible that they were preceded by glass ones, although this notion has not been generally promulgated.

For a comparison we illustrate 5179 with 3027 to show the difference in size. 

Date: c.1750 - 70

Dimensions: 7.1", 18 cm. high

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