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5183 A Very Fine Plain T Corkscrew by Farrow & Jackson

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Although this is among the simplest of corkscrews, it is really quite exceptional - and that is because of its condition and the fact that it is stamped on its shank.

The corkscrew is a plain 'T' or 'straight-pull' form - a solid handle attached to the shank and helix.  The handle is made of cocus wood and retains its original brush in excellent condition and its suspension ring.  The shank and helix are of steel, the former stamped "FARROW & JACKSON", while the latter is a wide-pitched ciphered helix which tapers along its entire length to the tip.

There was a small amount of light rust on the shank and helix, some of which we have gently removed to reveal the brightly polished 'business end' and which has revealed the makers stamp very clearly.

Cocus wood is a hard, dense and dark timber ideally suited to handles of domestic implements and it takes a polish very easily.  It can be seen from the second image, that it cost 6 pence more than a corkscrew with a nondescript handle - this one resemples No 21 closely while the cheaper version was No. 19.

It feels very good in the hand and is exceptionally fit for purpose.

Date: c.1860 - 80

Dimensions: 5.4", 13.7 cm. long

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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