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5198 A Mis-spelt Bin Label for 'Champaigne'.

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This is a typical mid-19th century bin label in form, but it has one slightly unusual feature - the name is incorrectly spelt!  Champagne is spelt 'champaigne'.  

It has to be remembered that workers in pottery factories only 150 years ago, were ill-educated and spelling would not have been high on their list of priorities.  'Pain', after all, has an 'i' in it, so why not 'champaigne?   Many wine and bin labels in past centuries have been mis-spelt, my favourite being 'Shabley'.

The label is in good-fair condition, with elements of the writing having been abraided, while the body of the label is good, with no cracks and only one tiny chip to the edge on the back.  There is no pottery mark, but perhaps it was made by Spode, Copeland, or one of the other Staffordshire potteries.

Date: c.1860

Dimensions: 5.3", 13.5 cm. wide

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