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5210 A Set of 12 Ivory 'Wine Labels'

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This is a very unusual set of wine labels - but not in the ordinary sense.  They are not intended to rest around the neck of a decanter or on the wall of a cellar.  However, where and how they were intended to be used is something of a mystery!

They are numbered 1-12, the word 'wine' and each number being engraved into the ivory and filled with black.  Above the legend is a small hole through which a white metal clip has been attached.  The clip is missing on two labels and three others have the clips replaced by bent wire.

The exact purpose of these labels is unceetain, but they could be used for a blind wine tasting, each bottle being numbered.  Nothing remotely like this has previously been recorded and there is nothing in the comprehensive catalogue of Farrow and jackson of 1898 like them either.  They are approximately one tenth of an inch (about 2.5 mm) thick.


Date: c.1880-1900

Dimensions: 1.6" 4.0 cm diameter

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