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5220 A Pair of plain 'Prussian' decanters

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Not all antiques are wonderful and fine - age of iteself bestows no merit on anyone or anything.  These are not fine or wonderful decanters, but they are about 200 years old, in good condition, hold a full bottle each, and are a desirable model.

They are simple three neck-ring 'prussian' decanters which are as practical now as they were when they were made - very practical indeed.  They are in original condition without any cracks or chips and even have their original stoppers.   However, they are not fine examples (like 6001) and this is reflected in their price.   Really well-made pairs of this model sell for about £700-£800 - often more.

For an everyday working pair of decanters, these are to be recommended as they hold a full bottle of wine each, pour well and the wine can be seen without any cutting or other distractions.

Date: c.1810-30

Dimensions: 10.7", 27.2 cm. high incl. stoppers

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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