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5221 A Pair of Papier Mache Double Trolleys with Decanters

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This is a fine and rare pair of decanter trolleys each holding a pair of decanters. Singletons of this model are seen occasionally, both of full-bottle size and (rarely) for half-bottle decanters.  However, PAIRS of such trolleys are rare, if not unique.

These trolleys came with the decanters and they may well be originally put together as an ensemble when first retailed, as they match in date and size perfectly.  Sets of four decanters of this date are also a rarity, so together this group is quite exceptional.  To add to the joy, they are in excellent condition.

The trolleys are of papier mâché lacquered black and with lacquered brass mounts and handles.  As can be seen from the first image, there is a small amount of degradation on the surface on which the decanters rest, but this has been sympathetically re-touched with very satisfactory results.

Trolleys like this were originally made with thin black leather 'tyres'.  We could have some made if wanted.

For more on the decanters, please open that page.

Date: c.1815-20

Dimensions: 11.5", 29.2 cm long, each trolley

Price: UK customers £3,800, US customers $5,130, Euro customers €4,370, Australian customers $6,650

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