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5224 A Pair of Silver Gilt Wine Tasters by Richard Comyns

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This is a pair of 20th century wine tasters of small size.  They are unusual in that they have been gilded (gold-plated); one retains most of its gilding, while the other has only traces of the gilding left - it has obviously been used a lot and polished which has removed the gilding almost entirely from the inside of the bowl and from much of the outside surface.

Like many wine tasters, they have snake handles.  The reason why handles are in the form of looped snakes has never been satisfactorily explained to me, so if you have the answer, I would love to hear about it as I know others who would like to know also!

These tasters were made by the firm of Richard Comyns in 1964 and are of good heavy gauge and apart from the worn gilding are in excellent condition.

Date: 1964

Dimensions: 2.5", 6 cm. across the bowls

Weight: 4 oz. 18 dwt.,152 grams

Price: UK customers £230, US customers $310, Euro customers €265, Australian customers $405

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