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5226 A Fine and Pretty Ship's Decanter

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This is a fine and classic ship's decanter.  It appears slightly smaller than some, but it does hold a full bottle with ease and its size adds to its appeal. Of conical outline, but with the lower section vertical, it is of a known form.

The decanter has three plain neck rings above the upper body cut with broad slice- or panel-cutting.  The lower, vertical section is cut with flutes and the pontil is ground and polished.  The bull's eye stopper is radially cut with fine flutes.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of this decanter is that it is extremely well made with great precision to the cutting - in addition to its excellent proportions.

This decanter is not only an excellent example of a rare form, but it is in wonderful condition, with no cracks, chips, cloudiness or other defects.  Add to that, it is eminently practical - unlike many, if not most modern 'takes' on the ship's decanter idea, which require great flixibility to pour the last glass!  This one pours well.

Date: c.1810

Dimensions: 8.6", 21.8 cm. high incl. stopper

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