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5228 A Rare Set of SIX Unfinished Wine Labels

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This is an extraordinary set of labels because they appear to be unfinished - not just that they lack any engraving to say what wines they were to represent, but also the labels themselves have not been fully finished in their execution.  The labels are fully hallmarked for 1808 and were probably made by Soloman Hougham - a well known London silversmith and maker of tablewares.  They might also have been made by Simon Harris, (who shares the same initials) although he is not recorded as a maker of wine labels!!

The labels are of retangular outline with a pair of light reeded lines to the edges and they are suspended from light-gauge curb-link chains.

What these labels lack in weight and quality of finish, they more than make up in their rarity - enabling modern collectors, two hundred years later to surmise how they might have been finished and what wines might have been engraved.

Date: 1808

Dimensions: 1.6", 4 cm. wide

Weight: 1oz, 7 dwt.,42 grams

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