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5231 A Rare and Fine Half-Bottle Ship's Decanter

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This is a very unusual decanter, because not only are half-bottle ship's decanters rare, but also ships decanters with decorative engraving (as opposed to commemorative engraving) are even more rare.

The general form of this is almost standard for an early ship's decanter - conical outline, incised neck rings, panel- or step-cut neck and a fluted base, but the central part of the body is engraved with a band of stars and polished ovals between zig-zags and horizontal lines, while below that are two bands of small stars.  The disc stopper is radially cut with broad flutes.

Like all ship's decanters the weight is considerably more than it would be for a standard half-bottle (or pint) decanter.

The decanter has no chips or cracks, but the surface is somewhat scratched - it has obviously been used quite considerably.

Date: c.1800

Dimensions: 9.8", 14.9 cm High incl. Stopper

Weight: 806 grams

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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