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5236 Eleven 'Biscuit' Bin Labels Marked for Fine Wines

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This is a remarkable group of bin labels as they were all made 'in the biscuit' - that is they were not glazed and were left white.  Two of the labels are impressed "WEDGWOOD", and more interestingly, "MACORD & ARCH 47 GREAT TOWER St LONDON.  It appears that Macord and Arch were supliers to the wine and spirit trades in London, but were clearly in second place to Farrow & Jackson.  Very little is at present known about the firm.

The other principle interest is the wines that have been pencilled on to the surfaces. Faint writing can be seen on several labels, so they have obviously been used and re-used.  The most recent wines shown are very superior indeed - Chateau Mouton Rothchild (sic) 1949, Ch. Petrus 1952, Palmer 1966 and Ch. Certan 1950.  In addition, Niersteiner Orbel 1953, Nierstreiner Hipping 1953, Veuve Cliquot 1961 (3 dozen) Meursault 1962 (4 doz), and Gonzalez Sherry binned 28/1/64.  In addition some labels are marked on the reverse, one of which appears to refer to a wine of 1867, re-bottled in 1931.  Two laels have number ('2' and '17'').

There is a chip from the corner of Ch. Mouton Rothchild, but other labels are intact.

Date: c.1850 and later

Dimensions: 5.5", 14 cm. wide

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