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5244 A fine and Rare Pair of Ship's Decanters

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This is a very unusual pair of decanters because of their shape.  One has to ask if they are ship's decanters, and the answer seems to be definitely 'yes', bacause like almost all ship's decanters, they have, apart from their obviously wide bases, a very high quality of glass and their weight which is considerably more than standard shapes.

They have three neck rings which are 'bladed' (that is, they are of triangular section) and they have target or bull's eye stoppers which appear to be original (one can never be sure).

The decanters are in fine condition without any chips or cracks and are clear and bright, so thoroughly fit for purpose.  They hold a full bottle each with ease.

Date: c1790 - 1805

Dimensions: 10.5", 26.7 cm high incl. stoppers

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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