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5246 A Pair of Regency Cut Glass Decanters

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This is a large pair of Georgian decanters which are comprehensively decorated with precision cutting.  Of overall 'prussian' form, the bodies have a broad band of fine prismatic cutting, step-cut above and below, which the necks are panel- and step-cut. The lower secions are cut with vertical Vs.  The stoppers, of 'capstan' from are similarly cut and have star-cut top surfaces.

As befitting the period, these decanters are substantiall heavier than plain models, but this is partly because they are somewhat larger than most, although they are not magnums.

One stopper is probably a replacement, although it is far from immediately aparent.  We say this because the glass is marginally paler - not because we know it has been made recently.

They are an impressive pair of decanters and very fit for purpose.

Please note :- The stoppers appear much paler in my image because of the overhead lighting; in reality they match the decanters well.

Date: c.1820-30

Dimensions: 10.9", 27.7 cm. high incl. stoppers.

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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