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5250 A Rare 'Lynn' Decanter of Mallet Form

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Full-bottle size 'Lynn' deccanters are a rarity, being less frequently seen than carafes and small-size versions.  This example boasts a 'mallet'-shaped body and has seven horizontal ribbed bands which are well defined.  The stopper is of globular form with a ring of air bubbles - a popular stopper type and an early one.  The base has a rough pontil mark.

The original source of 'Lynn' glass seems to be a matter of conjecture, but Lynn, now called Kings Lynn, seems not to be a contender.  The name probably arose in the early 20th century when the newly-burgeoning antiques trade was appending names to all manner of objects to glamourise them.

Date: c.1740 - 60

Dimensions: 10.3", 26.4 cm high incl. stoppers

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