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5258 An Old Sheffield Plate Wine Funnel

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Old Sheffield plated wine funnels are not common - unlike electroplated examples which are often seen. The 'OSP' process was supplanted by electroplating in the 1840s as a quicker and cheaper method of production - but at the expense of quality. This example has a little copper showing, but only a little and also, like a few others has a gilded (gold plated) inside to the bowl.

It has a bold gadroon moulding around both the rim and at the junction of the two halves. The spout is properly curved at its tip to deflect the wine gently down the side of the decanter and it retains its tang - the decorative tab or 'tang' attached to the edge of the town to enable it to be hung over a punch bowl.

Date: c.1820

Dimensions: 5.5", 14 cm high

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