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5260 A Rare Green Prussian Decanter with 'Raspberry Prunts'

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This is both a rare and interesting decanter.

Wine glasses, known as 'roemers', were made in Germany and Holland between the late 15th and 17th centuries.  They were typically of pale green glass (Waldglas) with cup-shaped bowls and wide hollow stems.  They were decorated around the stems with blobs of glass impressed with small domes - somewhat akin to raspberries. Such blobs are known as prunts or more usually 'raspberry prunts'.  This was not merely decoration; it was necessary to give a good grip before the days of forks and when much solid food was greasy.

Much later, roemers were copied in England in the early 19th century when the glass was considerably heavier and darker.  While glasses roughly copying earlier designs, are common enough, decanters with similar decoration are rare.  

This is a well-drawn decanter with raspberry prunts in place of the usual three neck rings and the colour is a rich blue/green. The mushroom stopper is similarly decorated. 

A late 17th century roemer can be seen in the third photograph which I took many years ago and which I use as the desktop image on my computer

Date: c.1820

Dimensions: 10.3", 26.2 cm. high incl. stopper

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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