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5264 A Single Series Opaque Twist Wine Glass with Folded Foot

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The fashion for wine glasses with twisted stems evolved quickly and with much enthusiasm in the mid-18th century.  Ait twists seems to have come first and are usually 'single twists', i.e.  there is only one tyoe of twist in the stem.  Opaque twists followed and indeed were perhaps made at the same time as air twists, bu opaque twists were nearly always double series - that is one twist within another.  

This glass is rare in that it is a single series opaque twist, but that is not all!  It has a folded foot, which means that the glass which forms the foot is folded back on itself.  This means that there is no sharp edge to the foot, which in turn means it is much less prone to damage.  It is also decorated around the rim of the bowl with a n 'OXO' motif a series of circles intersperced with crossed lines.

The glass is larger than many, but not quite large enough to be termed a 'goblet'. 

The single series twist stem toether with a folded foot would indicate an early date of about 1760, but the wheel-engraved rim suggests a later date - as late as 1780-90, so putting a date on it is not as straightforward as it would be with 99% of 18th century glasses.

Date: 1760-80

Dimensions: 6", 15.2 cm high

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