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5269 A Fine and Rare Champagne Decanter

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While decanters made specifically for champagne are not numerous, nether are they particularly rare.  Most have silver mounts that simulate the foil and cork of a standard champagne bottle....  , but this one is different.  It has a small silver mount to the rim which is hallmarked for 1895, but the 'cork' is glass made to match the bottle.

Champagne became extremely popular at the end of the 19th century and it is not surprising that the English, who were at the forefront of champagne development and consumption, created an array of paraphernalia to aid its enjoyment.  This particular decanter is very fit for purpose, holds a full bottle and is a delight to the eye.

The silver mount bears the makers' mark of the brothers Samuel and Ernest Drew who, apart from registering silver marks were also known for dressing cases and luxury leather goods and had shops in the smarter areas of London.

The decanter has a finely ribbed neck achieved by a very fine 'trail' of glass encircling and spiralling around the neck.  Such trailing is prone to becoming detached and splintering away from the decanter - but this one is entirely intact.  The underside of the decanter is finely star-cut as can be seen in the lowest image.

Date: 1895

Dimensions: 13.1", 33.3 cm. high incl. stopper

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