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5270 A Plain Patent Claret Flask

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This is a simple, straightforward wine or claret flask.  it holds a full bottle and is very fit for purpose.  It does, however have one interesting feature - it has a hole drilled in the neck ring to send any errant drips back into the decanter!  This patent was taken out on 20th May 1874, so this was made soon afterwards.

At about the same time that this jug was made, there was a popular  Victorian parlour song, the first two lines of which were:-

Waste not, want not, is a maxim I would teach

Let your watchword be dispatch and practice what you preach!

I illustrated a similar jug in my "Greeat British Wine Accessories 1550 - 1900"

This example has a plain hollow ball stopper and the neck ring is slightly more crudely made than some examples, but still fulfills its function.

Date: c.1875

Dimensions: 9.7", 24.5 cm high incl. stopper

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