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6005 A Good Dublin-made Silver Wine Funnel

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Three or four years ago, Antique silver wine funnels were quite abundant on the market - but the flow of them seems to have dried up!  This is a particualrly good example from Dublin.

Of elegant form, this funnel has an elongated hemispherical bowl sitting in a calyx of reeding.  The rim is strengthened by an applied cast 'egg-and-dart' moulding which is repeated at the base of the calyx.  the removable strainer has a matching moulding at its rim and the 'tang', like the bowl is engraved with a crest - "out of a mural crown a storks head and neck". The crest is probably for  someone with the surname 'Browne', and there were families of that name in Ireland; perhaps there still are.

The proportions of this funnel are more elogated than usual for a London-made example, which adds individuality.  The filter is coarser and it appears never to have had provision for a fine muslin filter.

As the weight indicates, this is a sturdy funnel which accounts for its excellent condition.  It is also eident that it has had mild use in its nearly 200 years' existence as the two original crest are still very sharp and have not been abraided by over-zealous polishing.

There is one slight enigma; the maker's mark is that of Edward Power whom the reference works say started in business in 1820, but the date letter is very clearly that for 1818.

Date: 1818

Dimensions: 6.9", 17.5 cm. long

Weight: 5 oz. 10 dwt., 171 grams

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