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6006 A Good Silver Wine Funnel of 1805

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William Allen (the third) was a good silversmith, but despite being listed as a 'smallworker', he neverthelss made larger objects and seems to have had a particualr line in wine funnels.  They are chacterised by the reeded section of the spout where it meets the bowl which is, very unusually, cast rather than being raised from sheet.  This gives the funnel added strength and solidity.

The funnel is in excellent overall condition and is engraved on both the bowl and strainer with a crest (a cockerel), while the bowl has an additional motto - vigilans et audax (vigilant and bold).  The funnel does not have, and appears bnever to have had a 'tang' - a small tab hanging vertically from the rim.  This is another feature of William Allen's funnels.

The most susceptible part of a wine funnel is the tip of the spout and most antique ones have either been shortened or repaired.  This example is complete.  it is also noteworthy that the two crests still retain their sharpness despite being lightly engraved; this is evidence of the funnel having had a gentle life.

Date: 1805

Dimensions: 5.7", 14.4 cm high

Weight: 4oz 17 dwt., 151 grams.

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