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6007 An Old Sheffield Plate Wine Funnel

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This is a very good example of an Old Sheffield Plate wine funnel.  It can be dated to the closing years of the 18th century from its similarity to hallmarked silver ones.  

This is a very unusual wine funnel; it had me guessing for quite a while becasue there is almost no copper showing through the plating of silver.  Indeed, at first I thought it must be a silver funnel that had escaped the hallmarking process. Only close examination of the tip of the spout and the 'raw' edges where the two halves of the funnel fit together, show the 'red' evidence of the copper under the silver plating.

It had crossed my mind that it may have been re-plated (by electrolysis) to hide any 'bleeding' of the copper through the silver, but firm evidence of this not having occurred is the seaming of the spout.  OSP funnels must have a seamed spout and this is more or less evident from a line running down one side when the spout was made. This can be seen on inspection with a magnifying glass, but re-plating will hide such evidence.

The bold bead-and reel' moulding to the edge of the bowl is probably solid silver as no copper shows on  this, the most vulnerable surface of the funnel.

Date: c.1790

Dimensions: 5.2", 13.2 cm. high

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