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6016 An Unusual Pair of Plain 'Nelson' Decanters

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The shape of these decanters is unusual as it is usually associated with decanters which are heavily cut.  They have cylindrical bodies - which is why they are described as 'Nelson' decanters - sharply angled shoulders and three neck rings, but they are devoid of any cut decoration.  They have plain hollow mushroom stoppers, the 'pegs' of which are polished.

The decanters are in excellent condition, without any chips or cracks and they are bright and clear.

It is an outside chance that these decanters were originally intended to be decorated with cutting, but fortunately they were left plain, so that today we can enjoy the clarity of the wine inside!

P.S.  When the image was taken the stoppers were reversed.  When the correct stoppers are in their intended decanters, they are the same height!

Date: c.1830 - 40

Dimensions: 10.7", 27.2 cm. high incl. stoppers

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