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6021 A Silver Plated Bottle holder

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Bottle holders became quite popular in the late 19th century, primarily to hold champagne bottles when serving.  The idea was not only to appear more elegant, but also to avoid warming the champagne with one's hands.

This model is hinged so that there is half of the handle each side, so that when drawn together, the bottle is firmly held.  It is considerably more robust than many and is very fit for purpose, not only on champagne bottles but also those for Burgundy.  The underside is stamped "cross arrows WH & S, and 'Hard Soldered'.  WH & S is presumably William Hutton & Sons who were large-scale manufacturing silversmiths.

The bottle holder is in excellent condition and almost no base metal is showing through the silver plating - except on the edge of the underside.

Date: c.1890

Dimensions: 10.2", 26 cm high

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