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6033 An Engraved and Cut Taper Decanter

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This is a pretty late 18th century decanter of tapered form.  The neck is cut with bands of hollow hexagons and the base with broad flutes, while the centre of the body has a band of cutting in the form of stylised little trees or bushes!  The stopper is invereted pear shape with the edge cut to reflect the decoration of the neck.

This decanter pre-dates those with neck rings, but already there was a need for something to aid the grip around the neck.  In this instance, the grip was enhanced by the cutting - and very effective, too.

The decanter has no chips or cracks

Date: c.1790

Dimensions: 11.5", 29.2 cm. high incl. stopper.

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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