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6035 8 Various Wood Bin Labels

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This is an unusual group of bin labels in that they are made of wood, painted creanm and with black lettering.

The labels for Champagne, Sherry and Old Brown Brandy would seem to be by the same hand, the calligraphy being consistent with a mid-late 19th century date - and professionally painted.  The two labels for Whisky and Gin are unusual in that the capital 'I's are dotted!.  Whiskey (presumably for an Irish brand, spelt with an 'E') has the legend 'Talisker' added above - which is Scottish!  The Port label is in a more amateur hand as is the added date (1887)

The labels are in reasonably good condition, although the Port label has a crack running through the suspension hole.  The Whiskey label has the added information "Unblended laid in 1882".  The reverse also has "Unblended TAlisker" in pencil.

The background colour is a dark cream, although it may well restore to a much paler hue if 'cleaned'.

Date: c.1880

Dimensions: 5.4", 13,7 cms. wide

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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