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6052 A Plain Crescent Wine Label Pierced RHENISH

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In the 'Concise Encyclopædia of Gastronomy', Andre Simon described Rhenish as "The name by which the wines of the Rhine were known in England from a very early date down to the eighteenth century, when they began to be called Hocks."  He then continues and mentions four quotations from Shakespeare (Hamlet and The Merchant of Venice) in which 'Rhenish' occurs.

This wine label is unmarked (i.e. it has no maker's or hall marks).  It is formed as a plain crescent with the legend RHENISH pierced in bold letters.  The 'hammering' of the silver to give it its shape is clear to see on the reverse and suggests a possible Scottish or provincial origin.

Crescent labels were one of the more popular designs, and originalted in the mid-eighteenth century, although they were made well into the nineteenth.  This label is larger than most crescents and has a good patination.

Rhenish is a scarce title for a wine label and this one is in fine condition, without any blemishes or restoration.



Date: c.1760 -80

Dimensions: 2.1", 5.4 cm. wide

Weight: 11 dwt., 18 grams.

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