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6053 A Pottery Bin Label for CHAMPAIGNE

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The style and manufacture of this bin label suggest a date earlier than most - perhaps even 18th century. It is very slightly smaller than most - more like the size of early delftware labels.  The mis-spelling of champagne may also be an indication of and earlier-than-usual date.

The label is in good general condition, without any scuffing of the lettering, but there is one chip to the rear of tha label and a small chip to the glazing above the 'C' of Champaigne.  There is an area of disclouration, where the glaze appears to have been penetrated, but it may well be possible to clear it without difficulty.

There are no factory marks on the back of the label, which incidentally is also glazed unlike many later models.  The suspension hole is intact.


Date: c.1780 -1800

Dimensions: 5", 12.7 cm wide

Sold (we would welcome news of similar items for sale)

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